Melinda and Joe

We first officially met in September  2007 at Dave and Busters in Cleveland.  I say officially because, of all our mutual connections its possible that we met back when I was in cub scouts with her cousin or back in college when her best friend was dating my best friends fraternity brother.  Chances are we came across each other in the past.  But this time it was different.  After Dave and Busters we went our seperate ways only to run into each other again in Decemeber at Rays in Kent.  She was out with the same mutual friends/family  that were at Dave and Busters and I stopped by, not knowing she would be there.  At the end of the night we exchanged information and made plans for new years eve, which was just  a couple of days away.  I probably still have her business card somewhere.  So our first "date" was new  years eve 2007.  I picked her up and we went to her moms house, where I met the whole family.  The rest is history! We've travelled all over North America, went to numerous concerts, sporting events, comic shows, movies, parties, bars, cities, and take thousands of pictures along the way.

Our journey  has only just begun!

This was our first of many pictures together.

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