Melinda and Joe

We got engaged in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on November 22, 2010.  We had set out on the evening to take pictures on the beach at sunset.  I had planned on asking her on the trip, but I didn't have a specific time or place in mind.  I did have one scenario in mind and our little photo walk was turning out to be that scenario.  We had started with a few pictures on the resort and then Melinda drew our intials in the sand with a heart and we took a few pictures on the beach.  Then I had her sit facing the ocean and I set up the camera, grabbed the ring, which was in my camera bag the whole time, set the time and ran into the picture and asked her to marry me.  She was quite shocked, and said of course, which in my book was a Yes!  We then went back to the camera and took another picture or two, now newly engaged.   We then went to the bar and had a glass of champagne to celebrate.

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